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Dream Big with the Latest Custom Home Amenities

Modern-day dwellings meet buyers’ lifestyles and market trends in beautiful fashion with Renaissance Homes.

Presented by Renaissance Homes By Laura Furr Mericas February 28, 2022

A home in 2022 needs to not only look beautiful but meet its dweller’s daily needs—and even weekly wishes—whether that means it requires a smart space for entertaining, an awe-inspiring outdoor living area, or plenty of privacy that exudes a sense of calm.

The team at Oregon-based Renaissance Homes helps buyers build exactly that and more through the company’s growing customization selection processes. “We want people to enjoy their homes and have them fit to how they will be using them,” says Lynnette Sandgren, Renaissance’s Director of Design. “That is one of the joys of the custom side, is to get to know your clients and adapt our recommendations to them and their needs.”

Sandgren has worked with hundreds of homeowners over the years and designed their abodes with the help of Renaissance Homes’ award-winning design studio, where she partners with clients to understand their lifestyle and base selections on the company’s book of available options and always evolving designs.

Here’s what she and the design team have seen buyers dream up in recent months, and what Renaissance Homes has been able to turn into a reality for them.

The great outdoors

Outdoor living spaces are getting larger and larger, according to Sandgren. More so than ever, buyers want that space to feel like a true extension of their home year-round. The Renaissance Homes Design Studio often builds the expansive spaces out with heaters, fireplaces with wraparound seating, skylights, fans, and more. “It really feels and lives like a room,” Sandgren says.

The latest amenities, added often in addition to the already extended outdoor covered living area, are Renaissance Homes’ beloved Barbecue Patios. These ideal extensions for at-home chefs or aspiring pit masters flow right off the kitchen and offer casual yet practical indoor-outdoor cooking integration. “It’s been a really fun new space for us, and I am seeing a lot of clients buy into the idea,” Sandgren says. “The way that you integrate them is really dependent on the site and the home.”

A fresh favorite

The Renaissance Homes Design Team first introduced its Juice Bar feature at its Farm-to-Table model home, and buyers went bananas. The functionality of the space and its charming connection to the outdoors makes it one of the most unique offerings on the market—and one that’s really resonated with buyers. “The idea of having a bar is fun, but this folds more into everyday life,” says Sandgren, who adds that it can also be used for wine storage, cocktails, and coffee. “It’s as appropriate for a young family as it is for someone who does a lot of entertaining. It can work for either lifestyle.”

Space to unwind or recharge

Whether for a practiced yogi or the grandkids to rehearse their pirouettes, Renaissance Homes has mastered the art of creating dedicated fitness, wellness, and activity spaces in recent years. “We are digging deep into creating spaces that are beautiful and not just where you keep your weights,” Sandgren says. Outfitted in resilient flooring with smart ventilation and lighting, the spaces beckon a good sweat session; but with options to add barn doors, cedar planks, and other features, the rooms are meant to connect beautifully to the rest of the home, as well.

Standout storage

Clutter, begone! As home organization trends have proven they’re here for the long haul (not just lockdown), Renaissance Homes has begun to specialize in gorgeous, finished-out pantries. Open racks have been replaced with full or partial cabinetry, plus quartz countertops, under-cabinet lighting, and loads and loads of outlets. “Everyone has so many small appliances now. We create a space that not just holds them, but allows you to use them in the space and keep the open-concept kitchen clean,” Sandgren says. Of course, options are available for those who seek more or less order in their lives, Sandgren says: “We try to find that balance for our buyers.”

For more information on Renaissance Homes, visit renaissance-homes.com, or call 503.713.8422.

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