With pleasure as a beacon, we can find the way back to ourselves even in the most uncertain of times. Through even the most radical transformations, your pleasure is an evergreen touchstone. By making space for magic and pleasure to unfurl in our lives, we affirm that we have a right to flourish despite the circumstances.

Seagrape Apothecary is on a mission to weave together pleasure, magic, and community. Right now is not the time to press pause on our pleasure, and in our seventh year of business, Seagrape is here to remind folks that their joy and desire are vital, especially during times of chaos, uncertainty, and grief. When things feel difficult, being in a relationship to pleasure opens the door to a joyful connection with our communities, our loved ones, and ourselves. The tools we rely on to infuse our day-to-day lives with immense joy are the same tools we should be calling on to ground, center, and hone in on pleasure when the world no longer feels like a safe place to thrive. Seagrape Apothecary has been stoking this vision of a magical support network for witchy babes across the country with our juicy lineup of seasonal workshops, our digital community of babes, themed monthly care packages, and in-person at our flagship in Portland, Oregon.

We know that living a pleasure-filled life in alignment with your desires is the greatest gift imaginable, and we're weaving that intention for our community members across the globe. Seagrape Apothecary is the sacred container for you to find your way back to your personal power, self-care rituals, and abundant pleasure. In seven years of business, we've found that shameless, embodied pleasure is the only way through periods of immense upheaval.

Finding magic in the mundane and stoking joyful presence in our bodies and our lives provides us with a soft place to land. Our bodies are our sanctuaries, and cultivating pleasure with consistency is a radical act of care in a world desperate to prove that we are unworthy—of the time, the effort, and investment. At Seagrape, we believe your pleasure is the purest expression of deep self-trust, and the strongest tether you have to connect you to your vision for this juicy life.

This April, Seagrape Apothecary is celebrating seven years of this pleasure-full vision with community members both near and far.

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