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PDX Inspired Celebrates the Stories of Portland Homes

How Design Led Real Estate Works

Presented by PDX Inspired March 22, 2022

Sophia Rosenberg believes every home has a story, and it is her job to tell it and help people connect to it. Her commitment to getting to know each client and their needs, in addition to her emphasis on design-led real estate, which focuses on people rather than the transaction, are part of the reason why her booming real estate business, PDX Inspired, has been such a success.

“I believe that real estate has a human-centered core,” she explained. “I focus on the people I’m either helping purchase homes for or selling homes to. This leads to a better end-product and a well-crafted ‘story.’”

To best share a home’s story, she relies on her background in interior architecture and hospitality branding/marketing. In addition, she is known for her use of creative marketing tools, such as well-styled photo shoots, videos where she and her daughter lead home tours, or renderings and design concepts that are drawn up for a home that needs renovation or repairs. These methods help inspire buyers to better envision themselves in a space, which in turn, helps sellers sell their property. For Rosenberg, it is important to highlight each home’s special features.

“It is a holistic approach and tailored to the house itself,” she explains.

But at the center of Rosenberg’s approach is empathy, which allows her to put herself in her client’s shoes.

She said, “At the core of design-led real estate is empathy (understanding my client’s needs), ideation (generating new, out-of-the-box ideas) and customization (each client’s situation is different). I feel like I have a deeper understanding of what clients are going through and genuinely care about their situations.”

She recognizes that buying and selling homes is a very personal process and is one of the biggest decisions that people will face in their lifetime. Because of this, it can be both overwhelming and confusing. So, in today’s competitive real estate market, Rosenberg prides herself in her ability to walk clients through the process – each step of the way – so they can be confident in their decision. For individuals or families in the Portland metro area who may be skittish about launching the search for the home of their dreams, she offers this simple advice.

“Find an agent you trust and vibe with,” she recommended. “Make sure that your agent is communicative with all sides that are involved. Too often buyer’s agents will just send offers through to listing agents without any communication. It doesn't help their buyers, and in this market, communication is key. I was just recently thanked for my ‘dogged energy’ from a listing agent after our offer beat out multiple others. Also, hang in there. It will happen and when it does, it will all make sense.”

Looking ahead, Rosenberg believes that the future for PDX Inspired is bright. This spring, she will add a buyer’s agent to her team, with plans to grow into other markets. She also shares that one of her goals is to list a historic home, where she and her team can go deeper on the people who lived there before.

“There is so much history in Portland homes and it should be celebrated,” shared Rosenberg. “Every house is unique and each one has a story to tell. I love to flesh it out and get creative.”

For more information about working with Sophia Rosenberg and her team, visit www.pdxinspired.com or reach out directly to [email protected] | (503) 936-7499.



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