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A Stylish Entry Creates Calm and Order

Living Room to Mudroom? It's possible.

Presented by California Closets March 29, 2022

Surveying the streamlined, elegant entry/mudroom
in her North Portland home, Tricia recalls reaching out to California Closets for design help.

“We’ve lived there for a bit more than five years, and as my kids got bigger their stuff became more plentiful,” she says. “We just had an off-the-shelf hall tree that was overwhelmed by all the stuff.”

Tricia’s mother, an experienced Interior Designer, had previously worked with California Closets Design Consultant Laurie Mills to create a stylish built-in office in her home and recommended Laurie for the project.

BEFORE:  Without a true entry zone, Tricia’s front room was overwhelmed by her family’s coats, shoes, and gear.

Laurie says, “Tricia started by telling me she wanted to turn her living room into a mudroom. That seemed unusual, but when I walked in the front door I saw there was no transition space. With two teens, one of whom is into horses and the other into baseball, there was a pile of equipment and big bags of gear right by the front door. Tricia wanted a lot of space to store sports bags, shoes, coats, and school things and she didn’t want this to be the first thing you see when you walk in.”

AFTER: new cabinets line the living room with customized storage.


Creating an entry full of good looks and function

Laurie, Tricia, and Tricia’s mother worked closely together throughout the design process, customizing every step of the way to create an entry area that combines good looks and non-stop function.

“We literally looked at the numbers of shoes, jackets, and specific gear that needed storage,” Tricia says, “and I credit Laurie for lots of good ideas. For instance, a big baseball bag needed a bigger cabinet, so the cabinet to the right of the hanging hooks is extra deep, but doesn’t look out of place.”

Each person now has their own hanging and closed storage.

A wall of cabinetry between the front door and the living room marks that area as an entry/transition zone and provides a visual division between it and the dining room. On the living room side, there are traditional mudroom-type cabinets in glossy white, a new window seat with storage, and a cozy sitting area in front of the fireplace. Crown molding adds a traditional touch to the modern esthetic and navy blue wallpaper with gold stripes (hung by Tricia’s father) adds a special touch of personality to the coat area. Each person has two ample spaces — one for hanging and one for bags and packs.

On the dining room side, cabinets get a soft gray wood finish and recessed shelves with lighting for a collection of sparkling glass.

LEFT: Dining room cabinets provide display shelving.
RIGHT:  Riding boots are neatly stored in their own tall cubby.


Real collaboration with amazing results

Laurie says the project “was so much fun — a real collaboration between me, Tricia, and Tricia’s mom. Tricia was willing to make big changes and to have a mix of modern and traditional. The result is amazing. They now have a sitting room and a family room.”

Tricia says, “Some people would miss having a big living room, but it’s been great for us. It’s a really nice place to hang out and it serves us well.”

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