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Find smiles for miles in Everett, WA

Your home base for fun in the sun.

Presented by City of Everett March 30, 2022

Windsurfers enjoy the sand and surf on Jetty Island, there is plenty of beach for everyone.

Come explore Everett, Washington, a vast portside city with a small-town feel. With a walkable downtown, a gorgeous 2-mile stretch of warm, sandy beach, and acres of wooded trails Everett is the place to be this summer. Adventure waits around every corner here; artists, nature lovers, and foodies alike will find Everett has a little something for everyone. No matter what you are looking for, Everett has an adventure waiting for you.

There are many colorful murals to take in during a visit to downtown Everett.

Everett’s historic downtown features a booming art scene; from murals spanning the sides of buildings to galleries full of local talent. Art, in all forms, can be found around the city both out on the street and inside local businesses. Enjoy the beer and local talent on tap as you peruse the visual art on display around the city; sip on a fresh cup of coffee as you listen to live bands; or take part in a class to unleash your inner artist. Nowhere is Everett better represented than through its lively, energetic art scene.

There are magical trails to wander right in the heart of Everett.

Intertwined into the excitement of city living are Everett’s scenic parks and trails. Experience the tranquility of nature alongside stunning views of the riverfront, the Puget Sound, and Washington’s iconic greenery and wildlife. Spend an afternoon strolling the trails as you take in the beautiful views, relax in the shade of the woods, and watch the wildlife around you. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends and family, or bring along your dog there is a trail just waiting for you.

Breathe in the fresh, salty breeze of the Puget Sounds at Jetty Island. Just a short ferry ride away is the human-made, 2-mile stretch of sandy beach used as a ‘breakwater’ for the Everett Marina. The warm, shallow waters are perfect for a refreshing summer dip; spread a blanket and pack some delicious local eats for an idyllic waterside picnic, or spread out in the sun and get your tan on as you watch kiteboarders and kayakers drift by from the comfort of the beach. After a fun-filled day at the Jetty, head into the heart of the city to explore Everett’s exceptional craft beverage and restaurant scene.

There are so many scrumptious bites and sips to enjoy in Everett.

Whether you are looking for comfort food that just hits the spot or have been craving a refreshing cocktail with a view, Everett has you covered. Cool down inside or soak up some extra sun with a waterfront breeze, as you enjoy the local flavors of Everett. There is a restaurant for anything you’re craving after a long day of adventure in Everett; from surf and turf on a patio to fresh-out-of-the-oven New York-style pizza. Order your meal to-go and eat at one of Everett’s parks with a sunset view. Pair your meal with a uniquely Everett cocktail with fresh ingredients and seasonal flavors, sit down and order whatever is on tap, or hit up happy hour for a variety of deals.

No matter how you want to explore Everett, you’re sure to find smiles for miles. Plan your next adventure at visiteverett.com.

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