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Bergerac Bistro Bands Together with Local Businesses

Enjoy delectable French cuisine created with local favorites.

Presented by Bergerac Bistro April 19, 2022

Open Monday to Saturdays for dinner, and complete with a heated, covered patio, Bergerac Bistro has become a neighborhood gem. Well known for its authentic French food, many dishes have locally sourced ingredients and are lovingly prepared by Chef-Owner Joris Barbaray. 

Oregon Berry Association 

Bergerac Bistro and the Oregon Berry Association collaborated to create a dinner series in the summer months. Featuring both Oregon strawberry-specific and blackberry/ raspberry dinners, these berries are typically sourced from local farms. Each course features a different strawberry varietal. They also worked together during two Feast and in 2021 they created a spicy marionberry gazpacho, as well as a triple crown blackberry and almond tartlet. 



Bergerac also has a five-year working relationship with Rachel Zoller of Yellow Elanor, offering twice a year mushroom dinners with foraging talks. Each time Bergerac pairs a different mushroom to a course, always ending with candy cap mushrooms for dessert -  an amazing little mushroom that smells and tastes like maple syrup. Bergerac has also worked with several local mushroom foragers over the years sourcing chanterelle, porcini, candy cap, maitake, lobster, and hedgehog mushrooms. 

Rachel, herself a mushroom expert and forager, introduces each mushroom and where and when to find them, bringing in books and leaflets to encourage guests to try mushroom foraging themselves. It's their most popular dinner of the year.


Jasmine Pearl Tea company

A tea-inspired dinner Bergerac hosted several years ago. Bergerac featured their teas in each course using them infused and then made into drizzling syrups, rolling meat into tea as a spice, and infusing your creme brulee with a black amaretto spiced tea. They brought in tasting notes on all the teas and talked about where they came from, how they sourced them, and best practices in preparing tea for optimum taste. 


Winemakers Dinner 

Winemakers Dinners creates dinners benefiting local non-profits in Portland, featuring Resonance wines since 2019. Bergerac has also worked with Kings Raven Winery in Oregon City for the last 4 years with winemaker dinners at their restaurant and at their winery as well as annual catering for their summer movie nights in the vineyard. Four-course dinners paired with wines, these fabulous dinners featured guests and an introduction to different wines as well as the wine-making process. 


Coming Soon in 2022 

In the summer months, Bergerac plans to offer an event dinner with the Portland Creamery as well as a French whisky dinner hosted by the editor and founder of the Whisky Wash, seasonal Berry dinners, and a new series of seasonal monthly event dinners. 

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