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Eco-Friendly Bridal Jewelry Trends This Season

With Wedding and Proposal Season almost here, New York-based Friendly Diamonds keeps you posted on the Newest Eco-Friendly Diamond Jewelry Trends.

Presented by Friendly Diamonds April 22, 2022

The season of love is almost here. Many shall soon get on their knees to pop the question. Those that already have shall gladly tie the knot. And like all things magical, there shall be flowers, sunshine, and Yes...... Diamonds!

FD Couple : Brendon Barnett & Amy 

A diamond is eternal. It is a timeless jewel, unbreakable and robust, making it the ultimate symbol of love. But why should it come at a price that endangers planet Earth's future and us who live on it? 

Located in New York, Friendly Diamonds is an online jewelry brand dedicated to the cause of creating a sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry industry. Every gem bought on the portal is 100% conflict-free and grown in laboratories that follow only the highest environmentally conscious standards. And with wedding and proposal season just around the corner, the brand shares jewelry trends to look out for this season. 

Create Your Own Engagement Rings

An engagement ring deserves a class of its own. It should represent the style, taste, and preferences of your significant other and that of your own. You should be able to customize it from scratch to create the engagement ring you desire. 

Friendly Diamonds gives you the opportunity to create your ring right from design to selection of ring setting, metal color, metal type, and diamond shape. And if you require an expert's opinion to guide you through the process, you can consult a qualified gemologist at absolutely no cost.

Image : Celeste Side Oval Diamond Eternity Ring 

We recommend exploring Friendly Diamond's newest three-stone diamond engagement ring collection, an absolute marvel redefining the classic three stone ring.                                                                                    

Eternity Rings

Many modern-day couples choose eternity rings as their wedding bands to represent foreverness and symbolize eternal love. It is currently a part of the wedding band trend and the perfect complement to engagement rings of all styles.

Image : Eternity Rings

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings, first introduced in the 1920s, are still in vogue. Considered a timeless piece, a pair of diamond-studded earrings add a classic yet modern, sophisticated appeal to a modern bride's trousseau. It's the perfect accompaniment to a white bridal gown and makes it to this list simply because of its reputation as a long-lasting trend.  

Tennis Bracelets  

Tennis bracelets are stylish, elegant, and fashionable pieces of jewelry. They are exceptionally versatile and, just like stud earrings, pair well with your white gown on your wedding day. And you know what the best bit is? You can wear it on any other day, thanks to its ability to add a bit of sparkle while matching well with your work and casual outfits.  

Solitaire Pendants

Solitaire pendants feature a single gem that complements your necklace and adds a hint of magic and charm to your neckline. Delicately petite and dainty, it adds a subtle elegance that is minimalistic yet eye-catching, making it a piece perfect for this wedding season.

Image : Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

With over 200 + designs to select from, Friendly Diamonds' lab grown diamonds are IGI and GIA certified and shine the same as mined stones. They are also affordably priced as the brand believes that budgets should never be a restraint when shopping for engagement and wedding jewelry. The brand is also willing to price match a similar gem found on a competitor's online portal, provided the gem meets specific criteria. 

With a delightful range of ring settings, styles, and jewels to choose from, you're sure to pick the perfect trend that matches your style with Friendly Diamonds this wedding and proposal season.

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