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It’s Your German Weekend!

Mt Angel Oktoberfest: The most authentic German festival on the West Coast.

Presented by Mount Angel Oktoberfest August 12, 2022

Once a year you get the best of Biergarten music; the rest of the year can be bluegrass, blues, jazz and whatever, but don’t miss your German weekend!  The time for alphorns, cowbells and accordion have an expiration date, and this year it's only good from Sept 15-18, 2022. Available at Mt Angel Oktoberfest

The performers come from Germany, Canada, and the East Coast, but they don’t stay long.  Mt Angel Oktoberfest brings the best of the festival entertainers to the Willamette Valley, where they will entertain all ages. There are the best of big brassy bands, polkas with clarinet and saxophones, and rock songs yodeled late at night.  The unexpected blend of accordion and bass guitar works great for dancing and toasting!  The incredible talent is showcased on 5 stages starting at noon each day and is nonstop until midnight.

Don’t miss your chance to toast like a German with your glass held high singing ‘Ein Prosit! Ein Prosit!’ with hundreds of new friends.  While you are singing your glass will be holding one of your favorite German imports! More of a local drinker? No problem: lots of local craft brewers have created German-style beers.  Need an IPA?  Yes, we have those too.  Twenty different brewers bringing 40+ different beers, everything from traditional German imports that traveled across the world to beers brewed locally that have never left the city limits of Mt Angel.

If you are drinking beer, you will probably want some food; German food!  Sausages and Brats of course, but a few pretzels, some fondue, and a schnitzel sandwich all served by volunteers supporting their charities.  But since this is a folk festival, it would not be complete without some foods that represent our current folk and not just our heritage.  There will be tacos, nachos, perogies, cabbage rolls and that doesn’t even start on the desserts.  Since there are about 40 food booths, there is plenty to choose from.

But the German doesn’t stop there, it spreads to the streets where hundreds are wearing lederhosen and dirndls; wreaths of flowers, or an alpine hat adorning heads.  This is one of the few places you will see the funky Bavarian socks – the ones that wrap the calf and ankle but leave the shin open to the air. It's a Bavarian thing.

This is your German weekend!  Come and celebrate the harvest!

Mt Angel Oktoberfest runs September 15-18, 2022.

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