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Fall Art Exhibition: "Probably Just the Wind"

22 artists of international acclaim will be featured at Parallax Art Center in a show about Death, Necropolitics & Transformation.

Presented by Parallax Art Center September 29, 2022

Parallax Art Center has teamed up with guest curator, Aaron Gach for an incredible fall exhibition. Twenty-two artists of international acclaim will be featured in this art show about death, necropolitics, and transformation. Titled ‘Probably Just the Wind’, this ambitious multimedia exhibition offers a wide range of provocative artworks that challenge visitors to stare Death in the face. From spectacular images of exploding hearses, jewel-encrusted skeletons, and activists dressed as the Grim Reaper, to highly critical works exploring gun violence, ecological threats, and grave injustices, every corner offers a different glimpse into the shadows and the light of the 'great unknown'.

The artists take a variety of approaches to create work that is both somber and celebratory, serious and irreverent, pensive and populist, prescriptive and enigmatic. According to curator, Aaron Gach, "Death has been called ‘the great equalizer’ and yet, there is nothing equal about the ways in which we encounter death. Likewise, each work is an incarnation of a social haunting; a scream or a shout, a whisper or a chill, that calls attention to the many traces of death drawn throughout our lives.” 


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