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8 Reasons to Escape to the Oregon Coast this Winter

The Oregon Coast is truly a majestic place and the winter months might be one of the most memorable times of the year to head down.

Presented by VIP Hospitality Group November 29, 2022

When you combine the diversity of the weather along with freedom to navigate your favorite sights with no crowds, it’s a no brainer.  Wild winter storms bring with them massive crashing waves against the shoreline which is a thrilling experience to witness.  When it’s clear, the sun is the brightest it gets all year which in turn creates the most breathtaking sunsets.   And surprisingly, the moderate climate of the coast is warmer than the rest of the state on average.

Here are 8 more reasons to visit the Oregon Coast this winter. 

1. Photo Perfect.  Get your selfie on.  Dramatic weather, abundant wildlife, diverse landscapes, and amazing sights.  From Siletz Bay to Depoe Bay.  From Lincoln City to Newport, so much to capture and so much to take in.

Ocean House in Newport, OR

2. Foodies Paradise.  No better time than the winter to get your freshest seafood bounty on the Oregon Coast.  From Dungeness crabs to razor clams, winter is the best time of the year to get your fill, whether you’re catching it yourself or letting someone else do the work.  So many amazing restaurants like Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay and BlackFish Cafe in Lincoln City to visit. 

3. Best Deals.  Places on the Oregon Coast like the Coho Oceanfront Lodge offer their lowest rates of the year in the winter season and also offer some great promotions as well.  Enjoy full panoramic views of the Pacific from the comforts of your room.  They offer a full section of regional Oregon Wines as well as a great selection of local craft beers.  Fire pits are on weather permitting.

Evening Firepits at the Coho

4. Take a Hike.  The Oregon Coast has some of the best hiking trails in the country.  There are numerous year-round hiking trails around the Oregon Coast for people of all skill levels and ages.  Don’t forget to check local weather conditions before your adventure starts and make sure to wear appropriate shoes/clothing for your outing.

5. Hot Tub Heaven.  Winter too cold for you? No problem. Inn at Nye Beach is home to the only infinity spa that overlooks 180 degrees of beach along the Oregon Coast, bonus is that it stays heated year-round.  Even in the winter.  

Inn at Nye Beach sunset

6. Beach Treasures. Winter storms are known for being beautiful and they bring sea shells, glass floats and tons of driftwood to find along the beach.  Perfect for treasure hunts or walks along the beach.  Lincoln City also has the Finders Keepers tradition that goes through the end of the year.

7. Whale Watching. The winter months also line up with peak whale watching season on the Oregon Coast. Between December and March, Gray Whales converge on their voyage from Alaska heading towards the warmer waters of Baja Mexico.  During this time they go right through the Oregon Coast often breaching out of the water and showing off their flukes.  The Surfland Hotel in Lincoln City has direct ocean views which makes it the perfect spot so bring your binoculars.  They also have direct beach access available to all their guests.

Surfland Hotel’s Jacuzzi Suite

8. Celebrate. There’s no better excuse to get out of dodge when you have a reason to celebrate.   Ocean House in Newport is an amazing 8 room escape that’s situated on a picturesque beach cove.  The private beach access lined with shore pines leads you to miles of sandy beach and tide pools.  A scratch made breakfast is served daily along with a complimentary beverage bar and evening wine social featuring regional selections.  Make sure to check out the package section on their website especially if you are celebrating something special.


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