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Westside Pediatric Clinic

For more than 40 years the Pediatrician moms at Westside Pediatric Clinic have provided Oregon families a medical home.

Presented by Westside Pediatric Clinic December 30, 2022


Pediatrics General


From the cheerful, bilingual front office staff to the nurturing and fun back-office staff, their motto of “To Teach, To Empower and to Heal” shines through.

“We strive to give the kind of care we would want for our own kids,” explains current President Geraldine Kempler, MD, FAAP. “We learned this from our founder Deborah Purcell, MD, FAAP.”

The current team of doctors speaks four languages, participates in quality improvement, city and state-wide learning collaboratives, and continuing medical education. They also support a variety of charities, including those focused on children, humanitarian efforts, and other local causes.

Combining state-of-the-art preventative care with the understanding of their own experience as moms is at the heart of the care at Westside Pediatric Clinic. Steering families of all types to the optimal health is the passion of this engaged, curious, and fun group of women.

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