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Oregon’s Adventure Coast Features Immersive Forest Bathing Experience

Bathe in the natural beauty of Oregon's Adventure Coast and plan your visit today!

Presented by Oregon Adventure Coast March 13, 2023

Have you heard of a centuries old tradition that merges Eastern wisdom with immersion in nature? Once you do, you’ll wish you could partake.   After all, this mindful and relaxing experience is known to both naturalists and the medical community as a grounding way to connect to nature.

Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, originated in Japan and involves immersing oneself in nature to improve physical and mental health. For most, it’s just a bucket list dream requiring international travel and expense to engage. But, it doesn’t have to be! You can do it now, and right in your own home state!  But where?

Well, Oregon’s Adventure Coast, made up of the Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston communities on the southern Oregon coast offers an opportunity to do just that, without the need to fly across the Pacific.

Many Oregonians love interacting with the natural beauty we are all blessed to live in. From the high-desert, through the mountains, gorge, and valley, to the rugged, publicly accessible Pacific coastline. But there is one curious spot on the Southern Oregon Coast that holds special magic for residents and visitors alike. That is the area known as Oregon’s Adventure Coast.

What makes it so special starts with its unique mix of natural beauty.  This destination holds a wide swath of everything Oregon. Mountains, rivers and streams, miles of undeveloped ocean beaches, rugged cliffs, haunting forests and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, one of the largest expanses of temperate coastal sand dunes in the world, blend together for a transforming experience. Despite its name, forest bathing can be done in any of these settings, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Located on the Pacific Ocean in southwestern Oregon, Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston, offer an opportunity to benefit from this magical experience in an awe-inspiring and distinctive setting. It is the ideal destination for those looking to try forest bathing and mindfulness.

Research has shown that spending time in nature can have numerous benefits, including reducing stress levels, improving mood, and boosting the immune system. Forest bathing specifically focuses on using the five senses to fully engage with nature, by walking slowly, taking deep breaths of fresh air, and touching and smelling different plants and trees.

Visitors to Oregon’s Adventure Coast can find guided forest bathing tours, led by trained experts who provide instruction and information on the various plant species and natural features found in the area. Participants are encouraged to slow down, connect with nature, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

In addition to the physical benefits, forest bathing also offers an opportunity for spiritual connection and reflection. The serene beauty of the surrounding forests, combined with the sounds of birds, rustling leaves, flowing streams and rhythmic symphony of the sea, create a peaceful and calming environment that can help the mind transcend from internal noise to a place of Zen.

Short of a trip to Japan, Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston, offer a wonderful opportunity for those looking to engage in the practice of forest bathing. You’ll even find professional, group and individual guided forest bathing experiences making it an ideal destination for those seeking to improve their physical and mental health and connect with nature.

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