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The Gleamery is Creating Sparkling Smiles

The Gleamery, founded by Dr. Tina Nguyen, DMD, is a modern dental salon that’s on a mission to make people’s smiles brighter.

Presented by The Gleamery April 14, 2023

The Gleamery’s Cedar Hills Crossing location in Beaverton provides appointments or walk-ins with weekend and evening hours for teeth Cleaning and Brightening services. The best part: these services are priced less than traditional teeth whitening, with treatment starting at just $199. The most popular service bundles a 30-minute cleaning and 30-minute brightening treatment together for just $299.

“The Gleamery is judgment-free, professional, affordable, and pain-free," shares Dr. Tina Nguyen, endodontist, and founder. “It's where self-care meets dental care, and there is nothing scary about coming to The Gleamery. Clients feel welcome and at ease to take care of their teeth in a way that can offer them long-term benefits, both from an oral health and lifestyle perspective. Clients go to The Gleamery to access a side of dental care that's not typically available or accessible at traditional clinics. Our concept empowers professional, proactive care to supplement in between annual dental exams and x-rays.”

The space itself at The Gleamery exudes comfort and hospitality with a salon-style ambiance, too. There aren’t any loud drills or other ‘traditional’ dental office sounds that can cause anxiety or tension. Instead, it is quiet, calming, and even smells great, with signature scents developed in collaboration with Portland’s Maak Lab.

At The Gleamery, clients can say goodbye to messy, ineffective at-home whitening kits or painful and expensive dental office whitening procedures. The studio specializes in the Glo Pro Power™ system, an innovative whitening technology. The results are stunning, too.

Dr. Nguyen explains, “There is no discomfort or post-treatment sensitivity, and in 30- or 60-minute sessions clients can get up to 12 shades brighter for a fraction of the price the dentist would charge for a traditional in-office whitening. With this system, a gum barrier is also applied so that there's extra protection during the whitening process.”

Love tea or coffee? Are you a red wine aficionado? No problem. Whether your teeth are starting to stain, or you have more significant stains that have darkened over the years, you can walk confidently into their guilt-free zone and get the preventative cleaning and whitening services that your teeth deserve.

Clients that act now and purchase Teeth Brightening can get a free cleaning ($99 value). Activate the discount when booking online, and use the promo code on the ‘Spring - Free Cleaning with Brightening’, located on the Gleamery’s website ‘specials’ menu. Visit The Gleamery today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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