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Branded Luxury Residences Will Drive the Next Decade of Portland’s Urban Growth

As residents come back to Portland’s city center, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland offer a unique lifestyle that feels like a vacation, every day.

Presented by The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland April 10, 2023

As Portland’s downtown area resurges and the character that makes the Rose City so special flourishes anew, tourists are coming back in droves. In 2022, tourism spending exceeded $5 billion for the first time since 2019. Along with it, tourism jobs are on the rise, and people are returning to restaurants and bars, visiting attractions, and enjoying the ease of life that Portlanders know and love.

Amid this backdrop of increasing visitors and renewed interest in Portland’s downtown, a new class of buyers are moving in, spurring even more growth for the entire community and bolstering a live/work lifestyle that promises to carry Portland into the coming decades. Many of these buyers are looking to branded residences like The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland to provide a backdrop for their desired lifestyle.

Unlike typical residential properties, branded residences are affiliated with well-known luxury brands both in terms of design and services available to Owners. This affiliation offers significant benefits, notably an assured, top-tier level of service and exceptional amenities.   

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland feature unequaled amenities including a 7,500 square foot Fitness Facility adjacent to a Luxury Day Spa and Infinity Pool and Jacuzzi, all elevated 19 floors above the bustling streets with breathtaking views of the surrounding city, rivers, parks, and even the Cascade Mountains. Luxury dining is available at the 20th floor Ritz-Carlton Signature Restaurant helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Pedro Almeida, while a more relaxed dining experience can be found on the ground-level at FLOCK, an 8,000 square-foot collection of curated, BIPOC-owned vendors featuring a variety of diverse cuisine options that spill out onto a festival street next to the building. Owners will also have dedicated benefits like an Exclusive Owners’ Lounge on the 8th floor that includes indoor and outdoor spaces to entertain, relax, hone their golf swing, create arts and crafts, and host executive events. All of these are unique among luxury residential properties not just in Portland, but throughout the entire Pacific Northwest.

Even more than the amenities, what sets The Residences apart from other luxury properties is the legendary Ritz-Carlton Gold Standard service that anticipates Owners’ needs to create an easy lifestyle that makes every day feel like a vacation. It also means that when Owners leave the city, they can simply lock the door with the security that their home will stay as they left it, for however long they are away.

All this value has created an increasing demand for branded residences around the world. According to some sources, the sector has more than doubled in the past decade and will likely double again within the next five years. In the case of The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Portland, this value comes at an opportune time. As the centerpiece of an over $1 billion investment in downtown Portland, The Residences will bring high-paying jobs, premium dining and shopping, an ultra-luxury hotel, and class A office space that will give Portland a welcomed shot in the arm. Additional high-value projects within a 3 block area of the building include 11 West, The Reserve, The Pittock Block, the Galleria Building, and the Alderway building. Viewed as a whole, these projects represent the most ambitious and optimistic investment in Portland’s history and will create a new paradigm for luxury living in the Pacific Northwest.

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