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Be Our Guest: Creating an Ultimate Retreat for Visitors in Your Home

5 Ways to Prep Your Space in Practical & Thoughtful Ways

Presented by California Closets May 26, 2023

We tend to most frequently welcome friends and family members into our homes at two times of year: during the carefree summer months, as well as the festive winter holiday season. We’ve all had experiences as guests that have left us feeling pampered and cared for in ways that made us want to extend the stay. (At times, it even has been tempting to declare this our new permanent digs.) 

So how to create those lovely, embracing vibes within your own abode? We’ve gathered ideas on how to be the perfect host and prepare your spaces just right, following a discussion with our friend, Nicole, at California Closets of Oregon. Adapt the following suggestions to make sense depending on your guests’ ages, tastes, and individual needs.

Walk The Road of Your Traveler

Assess your guests’ needs and priorities

Evaluate the type of guests you most often host, and outfit the space accordingly. Long-distance guests, especially those who’ve come from other time zones, will benefit from room-darkening shades and soothing sound machines. Those staying for more than a weekend will need more space for clothing and toiletries, plus more available towels. Prior to the arrival, air out the room, outfit the bed with fresh linens and add fresh flowers to perk up any space.

Mindful Minimalism

The less clutter, the more tranquility will flow throughout the space

The guest room provides a retreat for the weary traveler. Keep it beautifully appointed, but not overstimulating. Most guests prefer a full or queen bed. If it’s within your desire and budget, a wall bed is always a great way to make the most of your room’s layout. Otherwise, invest in a comfortable mattress, and stock up on blankets of different weights and pillows featuring various levels of firmness to accommodate individual preferences. If the room allows, offer some seating options and possibly a workspace (in lieu of a dresser, which will most often stay empty). A luggage rack can come in handy. Make sure to prioritize hooks, and leave plenty of empty, horizontal spaces (shelves or table tops) onto which guests can unload their goods. Leave out old-school activities from paperbacks, crossword puzzles, and coloring books to a copy of the local newspaper for your guests to enjoy.

The Magic Is In The Details

Hotel-like living, without the resort fees and taxes

Think of little luxuries and practical additions to any fine hotel or resort room that make a stay easeful, then replicate those in your home. Outfit the guest quarters with some or all of the following: a mirror, a motion sensor light, an iPad dock with speakers, a steamer, an electric tea kettle or Keurig machine (with tea and coffee supplies nearby), a water pitcher with glasses, a basket of snacks for late-night munchies, an emergency first aid kit and travel-size toiletries that can address any health or beauty need (think Advil, single-use towelette pads and air freshener, too). Extra toilet paper and a visible plunger are smart additions if a private bathroom happens to be part of the set-up, and a covered waste can is a guest room “must.”

Allow Space For Your Traveler To Simply Be

Make the closet “move-in ready”

Get your reach-in closet prepared by making sure there’s plenty of space for guests to hang their items on available hangers. Stock the shelves with towels, bedding, fans, a hair dryer and, in the Northwest, an umbrella or disposable ponchos, ideal for soggier stays. Add a mini fridge if space allows. Cozy slippers and plush robes are always thoughtful perks, and an electric heater proves perfect for colder days.

Take It Personally

Input “you” throughout the personal touches: it’s you they came to see

A personalized welcome letter can be a lovely gesture. In addition to a warm welcome, include household tips (the WiFi password, days the garbage goes out) as well as helpful neighborhood info like any scheduled deliveries or maintenance appointments, parking restrictions and perhaps a warning about that finicky next-door neighbor. (i.e. “Be sure not to park in front of Mr. Smith’s beloved rose bushes, which are as prickly as the owner himself …”). Help your visitors get oriented with a local travel guide plus a tote or basket filled with snacks and trinkets from nearby businesses. Want to go that extra mile? Print out your favorite photo of your guest before arrival, so that a framed image of their smiling faces can welcome them into a temporary retreat they surely won’t soon forget. 

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