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Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking Donates ‘Essentials’ Kits to Oregon Families

Enhancing Oregon's beauty and bolstering communities with charitable endeavors and expert craftsmanship.

Presented by Rick's Custom Fence & Deck May 19, 2023

Image(s) from last year's event in 2022, with volunteers from the Rick’s team.

While beautifying Oregon homes and businesses with new fences and decks might be what they’re known for, Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking’s commitment to communities around Oregon should also be celebrated. After all, keeping Oregon beautiful also means contributing to the health and wellbeing of its residents.

Image(s) from last year's event in 2022, with volunteers from the Rick’s team.

Sponsoring the efforts of what they call their ‘Rick’s Community Support Drive’ is important to the company. Since June 2020, Rick’s has partnered with about 30 non-profits to donate materials, provide financial support, and provide volunteer efforts to help bring life to backyard projects for people. By 2022, Rick’s has donated more than $100,000 and 2023 is on track to surpass that number.

This year, Rick’s will work again with local nonprofit organization, Impact NW to donate ‘essential’ kits to families in Oregon. The donation event will launch on May 25th and donations of essential items can be made until June 17th at all Rick’s locations. Their goal is to double last year’s donations and contribute 200 kits to families in need. Once items are received, volunteers from Rick’s will assemble the kits so they are ready to be delivered to individuals and families.

Image(s) from last year's event in 2022, with volunteers from the Rick’s team.

Some popular essential items include non-perishable food, household cleaning supplies, socks, paper towels, blankets, and more. A full list of commonly requested items and emergency supplies for people living outdoors can be found here.

Ada Dortch, Director of Development & Advocacy at Impact NW shares, “Over the last 60 years, we have served the community during our greatest challenges. Right now, we are on the frontlines of the housing and homelessness crisis and pandemic recovery. We work with 22,000 people each year to find and maintain stable housing and access a range of services so families can thrive. We are grateful to our partners at Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking. This dedicated team and company rally every year to support Impact NW and our most vulnerable neighbors. At a time in our community where we find ourselves wondering ‘what can I do?’, Rick's dedicated staff show up and make their impact in the community by offering their generous support to help keep families housed and accessing essential resources.”

Ready to support local?

Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking, founded in 1980, is a local family owned and operated company with five locations across Portland and the Tri Cities areas. Their commitment to people and the communities that make up our beautiful state is showcased in their dedication to giving back. They love working with local wood products and have the knowledge and expertise you can trust for your summer deck or fencing project.

Do you have questions about their community impact, or want a free estimate and design consultation for your upcoming project? Contact Rick’s today.  






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