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The Ultimate Oregon Coast Summer Rad Dad Guide

Summers on the Oregon Coast are a canvas for creating forever-lasting memories, & we're here to help you color outside the lines with some rad dad activities your kids will surely love. 

Presented by VIP Hospitality May 2, 2023

This summer, we encourage our vitamin d deficient dads (or moms) to ditch the video games, break away from their electronic devices, pack some essential gear (see below), and don’t forget the kids, while we explore a less conventional way to take on the Oregon Coast. Dads don’t always get their just-due credit when it comes to planning a trip but we’re going to change all that. Oregon’s western edge is known for rugged cliffs, isolated beaches, and 363 miles of breathtaking beauty.  Here are 5 rad dad activities your kids will remember for years to come.


The Nelscott Reef is known around the world for its ability to create surging waves as high as 50 feet during the winter. While we don’t recommend you start there, we do recommend contacting Safari Town in Lincoln City this summer for all your rental and lesson needs. They cater to first-timers and have a team of experienced and patient professionals that will make sure you maximize your stoke.  Check out this awesome video showcasing all the amazing experiences they offer.  (Bonus Points/Pro Tip: There is a hand-carved wooden statue of a surfing sasquatch at a popular hotel in town, legend has it, it brings good luck, so grab a selfie with the kids and tag #surfsquatch for a chance to win a free night stay at Surfland Hotel).


Cruising down the beach on a fat tire back will make you feel like a kid, so imagine how your kid would feel. With over 7 miles of beaches to explore in Lincoln City, these 4-inch tires allow you to move over rough terrain and sand with ease. Deemed as a great workout, and less dangerous than riding a bike anywhere else on the coast, Fat bike rentals and tours are a great way to get the kids tuckered out and allow you to have some much-needed “me” time after being such a rad parent.  Most sections of Oregon’s coastal highways have little to no road shoulder, and that can be very dangerous.  Fat tire bikes however have a great solution to this problem, by getting you off the highways and onto the beach. If you love the beach and love riding bikes, then this is definitely for you. Fat bikes can help take your bike riding to a whole new level. It’s a great workout, and super fun at the same time.  Check with Safari Town in Lincoln City for a great setup.


Oregon is a mecca for skateboarding and the rise in popularity with the introduction to the Olympics has led to an awe-inspiring rise in female skateboarders as well as older demographics using it as a form of exercise/mental health.  The Lincoln City skatepark is an impressive 40,000 sq foot concrete ocean, built by dreamland skateparks in 1999 and named by Thrasher as one of the “gnarliest skate parks''. While skateboarding is very difficult, it boasts an amazing community, an abundance of locations, and teaches us all to get back up after a setback, so take it slow and steady. Helmets are required for kids under 16. Further down south, the Newport Skatepark is located at the Southwest corner of 8th and Spring St which boasts a wavy 6,000 sq ft of fun, and was also built by Dreamland Skateparks in 2000.


Axe throwing has been around since the 1800s and is rumored to have started in logging towns all over Canada and the US. This activity is incredibly fun and also serves as a great workout for your arms, chest, and core. Scout Northwest Trading Co. in Lincoln City offers axe throwing inside of the Timber Tavern. Participants must be 8 years of age or older, and if under the age of 18 will need a guardian present to sign waivers, as well as remain under the watchful eye of an instructor. Please call 541-418-5305 or visit ScoutNorthwest.Com for more information regarding hours and additional safety and policy information. 


Exercising in nature can help increase blood flow throughout the brain and stimulate memory. So while you and the kids tackle the summer, activate those neurons and elevate your dad status in one of mother nature's most breathtaking fitness facilities, the Oregon Coast. Lincoln City is home to a variety of hiking trails, but few stick out more than God's Thumb. 4.3 miles out and back, and considered moderate in difficulty, God's Thumb offers multiple one-of-a-kind views, lush grass, and sometimes extreme cliffside trails (can be muddy, so pack good hiking shoes). Getting to God’s Thumb can be a little difficult but some of life’s best adventures don't come with signs, neither does this trailhead. Marked as the Knoll trailhead (hike to the left), this unassuming culdesac is the ONLY official place to park for the 2.5-hour hike. The lot fills up fast in the summer, so come early. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed.  Here are some other great trails to consider also in the nearby area. 


The Coho Oceanfront Lodge - Oceanfront, firepits, wine socials, free breakfast

www.thecoholodge.com - (541) 994-3684

Surfland Hotel - Modern, surf themed, bocce ball & kids games, pool and free breakfast

www.surflandhotel.com - (541) 994-8145

Inn at Nye Beach - Oceanfront, beach access, infinity spa, free breakfast

www.innatnyebeach.com - (541) 265-2477

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