Room Service

Sample Amanda Klash’s sought-after interior design services at Montgomery Klash Interior Design.

By Jill Spitznass May 19, 2009 Published in the October 2008 issue of Portland Monthly

THINK OF IT AS decorating à la carte: Even if you can’t indulge in Amanda Klash’s sought-after interior design services, you can still sample elements of her style at her store in downtown Portland, which combines her work studio with an elegant home boutique. “Sometimes all it takes is a plush cashmere throw, a colorful carpet runner, or a mirror with a striking frame to change the feel of a room,” says Klash, whose revamped spaces have been featured in magazines such as Traditional Home and Elle Décor, not to mention plenty of tony area residences.

Raised in Lake Oswego, Klash honed her skills (which you can employ for $85 per hour, at minimum) in the Bay Area before opening her dual-purpose Portland shop two years ago. It’s a scenario that allows her and staff designer Emma Davis to mix business with shoppers’ pleasure. The duo’s swatch-covered drafting boards anchor the back of Klash’s narrow, high-ceilinged shop, while the inviting entry displays such room-enhancing objects as handmade beeswax candles, French ceramic bowls, globally culled antiques, and Britain’s exclusive Christy towels, which reportedly hang in the queen’s loo. Curated by Klash’s discerning eye, the intriguing goods are certain to elevate the taste level of any dwelling.

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