Carol Kipling

Surf an online boutique of lovely handmade items.

By Eden Dawn October 21, 2010

Tree of Life Necklace, made from etched Maple.

Today I must make the arduous trek to Seattle in pursuit of fashion and education. Okay, that is a very fancy way to say I have to do some things for my Master’s Degree and I’m also going to go shopping while I am there. Two birds with one stone and all that jazz. I thought ahead and got some insider shopping tips from Seattle designer superstar, Suzabelle. To get myself prepared for the long journey (I’ve already got my vegetarian jerky, vitamins and postcards packed) I was perusing online boutique that specializes in handcrafted items. It’s a lifestyle web site covering everything from décor to jewelry, and my eyes locked onto this delicate pendent with a tree etched into a square of Maple hand made in Seattle. I think it’s a good omen for my trip.

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