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PFW 2010: Friday Night

La Vie by Michele DeCourcy, Stephanie D Couture, Isaac Hers, Suzabelle, Amai Unmei

By Eden Dawn October 9, 2010


Last night at PFW I went broke. Not because I drank too many cocktails or got robbed, but because I mentally spent all of my money, plus upcoming paychecks on the collections showed. I had briefly wondered if attendance would be affected with all the hub-bub going on Thursday night with the Emerging Designers competition and Saturday night hosting a pu pu platter of Project Runway-ers but that thought was unnecessary with a huge rowdy crowd that filled the seats. There was a minor snafu with the start time as a projector conked out and one had to be escorted in like a kidney transplant. I took the delay time to have a drink with Susan Wheeler, head of buyer relations for PFW’s new buyer’s market that had just taken place. In just a couple hours Pdx boutiques placed over $10,000 of orders for our fashion week designers. Take that economy!

The show began with a bang and longtime Portland designer Michelle DeCourcy showed a hip, sexy collection. Stephanie D. Couture showed simple classic bridal and special occasion dresses exquisitely sewn. Barbara Seipp, the woman behind Isaac Hers, sent figure hugging garments down the runway adding interest and edge though sheer panels and geometric lines. Seattleite Suzabelle was next and definitely a crowd pleaser with her wearable, chic ensembles. Just when I thought I had seen enough, an outfit that screamed my name came down the line and Modest Mouse’s “Float On” piped through the speakers (which happens to feature my dear boyfriend drumming on). That was it. The stars had aligned and the universe was telling me that look will be mine! Everything after was icing on the cake and by the time Amai Unmei’s lovely collection with the asymmetrical highlights had taken its last walk I wanted to curl up on the solar runway in a little ball and sleep the night away.

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The Evenings’ Designers

- Amai Unmei
- La Vie by Michele DeCourcy
- Stephanie D Couture
- Suzabelle
- Isaac Hers


Tonight will be a complete fashion madhouse with Project Runway designers Seth Aaron SolarWorld Collection Presented by Portland Fashion Week, Jay Nicolas Sario, Jonathan Joseph and Goga by Gordana. I’m not even sure if there are any tickets left so you better act quickly!.

Fashion Week Information:

When: Wednesday, October 6th – Sunday, October 10th
Doors: 6:30pm, Seating 8:00pm
Where: Vigor Industrial Shipyard: 5555 N. Channel Avenue. Portland OR 97217

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