Project Runway Picks Another Portlander!

Gretchen Jones wins Season 8 of Project Runway.

By Eden Dawn October 29, 2010


Look out world, Portland is unstoppable! At least in the reality television shows about fashion designers world. In last night’s finale of Project Runway our own Gretchen Jones took the prize with her monochromatic “Running Through Thunder” collection. The final three contestants, Jones, Mondo Guerra and Andy South were quickly narrowed to two after South was eliminated. Then the judges’ mud-wrestling smack down began. The fighting was intense as the panel was clearly divided between Jones’ exceedingly wearable collection and Guerra’s playful print pieces.

To weigh in with my two cents as the fashion internet world is giving jabs and snarky comments all over the place, I think that both designers are extremely talented. Guerra has the ability to boldly mix prints in a way that I haven’t seen since early Emanuel Ungaro and he will absolutely have a career ahead of him. Plus, he always looks so cute that I would probably give him an awkward and unwelcome bear hug if we ever met in person. That being said, his vision is for bold women and the judges were right when they said his collection leaned young. At a baby-faced 30 there were pieces I adored, but wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing. However, he can design for other customers, which we saw with his flawless interpretation of a modern day Jackie Kennedy in the sportswear challenge.

Jones’ collection may have been deemed slightly more “safe,” but what that word translates to here is more consumers will feel comfortable and want to wear her clothing. Every piece in her collection was something I felt I could incorporate into my own wardrobe or see it on someone walking down the street. Yes, people want to see drama at a fashion show, but at the end of the day, to be a successful designer you need customers who will actually purchase and wear your garments while feeling modern and stylish. And that is what the judges saw in our own Miss Jones.

Look for our Q&A with Gretchen soon! My questions even had to receive approval from Lifetime Television. Fancy!

Gretchen Jones site: Mothlove.com

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