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Coats for Cubs

Fur is so over! Donate those old items to bedding for snuggly little creatures.

By Eden Dawn December 23, 2010

Rescued baby fox sleeping on donated fur lining through the Coats for Cubs program.

Paris is a city for lovers. But Portland is a city for animal lovers. Most households have a wagging pup waiting to hear w-a-l-k, or a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde cat alternating between purring love and slashing at ankles. Oh wait, that’s just my kooky kitty? For many animal lovers we choose to show our devotion to our 4 legged friends by not wearing fur. If you are just joining this bandwagon or inherited some random pelts when your great-aunt Bessie passed on, there is something helpful you can do with those old items. Buffalo Exchange clothing stores and the Humane Society have teamed up with a program called Coats for Cubs. You take your old fur items, including coats with trims, ripped items, whatever to Buffalo Exchange and they make their way to lining beds for injured wildlife. The program runs now through April 22nd and all Buffalo Exchanges are participating; just specify your donation is part of the Coats for Cubs program. Compassion is real fashion!

Buffalo Exchange – Downtown
036 W. Burnside
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 222-3418
Location: across from Powell’s at 11th

Buffalo Exchange – Hawthorne
1420 SE 37th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 234-1302

Coats for Cubs Program

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