Xtabay Holiday Fashion Show

This Saturday, the Xtabay goes Mad for 60’s cocktail couture.

By Anne Adams December 3, 2010

Culturephile blogger Anne tries a cocktail olive.

Liz Gross, longtime proprietress of Xtabay Vintage, doesn’t mind riding the Mad Men trend—in fact, at Saturday’s annual Xtabay Holiday Fashion Show, she plans to trot out several hot little 50’s and early 60’s numbers. "This year, I’m looking for less funk, more elegance, than ever," she says. "And not just the dresses; hat, coat, shoes, jewelry—gloves. I really think formal gloves should make a comeback. I want that sophisticated, polished, ‘Early Italian Vogue’ look."

The show kicks off at 7, in the Xtabay store (SE 26th & Clinton) with light refreshments. Expect sixties vixens in sharp stilettos, and minxes in minks.

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