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Spotlight: Sarah Seven

A focus on this local designers chiffon fashion fun.

By Eden Dawn February 1, 2011


Stepping into Sarah Seven’s new studio is kind of like stepping into the best tea party ever. Chiffon floats from every rack; the newsprint wallpaper gives an air of sophistication and in every direction lays frosted fabric embellishments. Let’s just say I may have let out a giddy school girl-esque squeal upon entering the door at 1402 SW Morrison St.

Seven (her real and super cool name) has finally opened up a place for the girls in town who need to be swathed in prettiness. Known mainly for her bridal lines, gowns of all formality levels hang for even the pickiest bride to choose from. But don’t discount her as a business only for wives-to-be. The special occasion dresses are full of fun colors and swishy skirts. For, ahem, reporting purposes I put on a purple frock and bopped around with an idiotic grin on my face. (Photographic evidence provided) And coming very soon will be a ready-to-wear collection taking her signature style into a day to day look.

Sarah Seven wound up in her new studio at a relatively quick pace. The 23 year old studied fashion design briefly at The Art Institute before jumping ship to intern for local designer Kate Towers. After absorbing every bit of knowledge possible, she launched some pieces on Etsy which quickly took off with brides across the world clamoring for her deconstructed beauties. The exponential escalation continued with Seven’s goods now seen on lucky gals from here to New Zealand, plus her custom orders and now the studio space.

The secret to her impending world domination is the understructure of her garments. Lots of designers can make dresses that look nice while motionless on a hangar, but only a good one knows how to make a beautiful and functional item. Seven’s gowns are all built on sturdy bustiers that become part of the dress. That means you don’t have to worry about a strapless bra peeking out the back or your bodice pulling a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. The built in bustiers pop up the things you want to show, squeeze in the things you don’t and even make your posture a little better. It’s a win-win situation.

With Sarah Seven’s smarts on making women look good and feel even better it’s another welcome addition to our ever growing Portland talent pool. With her new space just open and the grand opening party to come in the next month this is a good time to pop by and snag up some lovelies for yourself. Once she gets uber famous the prices will all go up.

Sarah Seven
1402 SW Morrison St
Portland, Or
Wed – Sat 1-7pm
To request an appt.
[email protected]

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