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How many times have you seen a llama on a runway?

By Eden Dawn March 24, 2011

Seth Aaron and his co-model!

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know these two things about me. I love fashion and animals. The opportunities to combine this love are few and far between, bolstering my love for the Boutiques Unleashed Fashion Show.

Boutiques Unleashed is a runway show packed with the hippest hounds and humans sharing one runway. The show is a fundraiser for DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The DoveLewis 24-hour animal hospital is chock full of amazing vets saving lives. It has one of the country’s largest volunteer animal blood banks, award winning animal assisted therapy and financial assistance for low-income families and abused animals. When my 21 year old cat (seriously) became suddenly ill a few years ago I rushed her to DoveLewis, where they saved her life and she kicked around with me another year meowing and purring before heading into a peaceful permanent cat nap at home. I owe them one.

Don’t let that happy/sad story fool you though. This event is going to be a blast. It has 25 awesome local boutiques showing their chicest spring looks on the runway with an interesting combo of models, “Portland popular” people and of course the 4-legged super models. Seth Aaron just home from showing his collection in LA Fashion Week will be styling this year’s star model, Napoleon the Alpaca. And I have somehow been convinced to walk the runway for Say Say Boutique with a French bulldog named Louie, which means I am swearing off carbs this week in an effort to drop 20 lbs while growing 4 inches. Totally fool proof plan.


Besides the potential glee of watching me trip and become fashion road kill ala Carrie Bradshaw in a memorable Sex in the City episode there are reasons galore to come out to the show next Friday. You can get one-stop sneak preview fashions from tons of top local shops, watch real models who actually know what they’re doing, see real Portland popular folks, sip a signature cocktail, nosh on hors d’oeuvres and feel smug about helping out a great organization. VIP tickets are already sold out with the General Admission going fast. Better pounce.

Boutiques Unleashed Fashion Show
Friday, April 1st, Doors Open at 6:00PM
Tiffany Center
1410 SW Morrison St., Portland

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Participating Boutiques:
Amai Unmei
Beastie Boutique
Bentley B
Black Wagon
Clair Vintage Inspired
Consigning Women
Core Men’s Shop
D’tails Dog Salon
Garnish Apparel
Klees Designs
Leanna NYC
LexiDog Boutique & Social Club
Lizard Lounge
Mabel & Zora
Mapel Boutique
Physical Element
Pin-Me Apparel
Popina Swimwear
Say Say Boutique
Top of the Food Chain
Wild Child Pet Fashions

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