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Project Runway Updates

What’s happening with some of our PR alums?

By Eden Dawn March 7, 2011

The line includes geometric jewelry.

Reality TV junkies, I’m throwing you a bone. Since any glimmer of a new Project Runway season are far off (they film in June/July), here is the 411 on our last couple of PDX winners.

Gretchen Jones – Season 8

Gretchen Jones left Portland for grayer, concrete pastures. She’s all set up in New York hustling the scene to turn her exposure into an empire. Jones debuted her fall 2011 collection on a brand new web site this week with all the tell tale signs of her signature aesthetic. A little boho, a little monochromatic and style lines a plenty. It’s wearable and accessible for a range of fashion followers. Yay Jones!

Seth Aaron – Season 7

Seth Aaron, the Vancourver-ite (Vancourveronian? Vancouveran?) who took the previous years’ prize is dropping his first ready-to-wear collection this weekend at LA Fashion Week. He’s spent the last two years doing some custom work and many, many public appearances so it’ll be quite interesting to see what he sends down the runway. And, even more so, what stores pick it up to spread the S.A. word. Until that happens you can only find Aaron’s pieces in one place, which happens to be Multnomah Village’s Anne Bocci Boutique.
Anne Bocci Boutique
7824 SW capital Hwy
Portland OR 97219

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