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Seth Aaron does LA Fashion Week

How did our NW designer do in La-La Land? Pretty dang well!

By Eden Dawn March 15, 2011


On Saturday at LA Fashion Week, Seth Aaron showed his first full ready-to-wear collection since his Project Runway win two seasons ago. Overall, I think it was worth the wait. This is the strongest I’ve seen some of Aaron’s work since the pressure cooker of Heidi Klum induced challenges.

Aaron’s pieces are always on point when he works his combination of bold color with femininity. The things I love in this collection (and my favorites of his on PR) always have a slight Blade Runner undertone that works. Taking formerly “sweet” silhouettes, like the wrap dress, high waisted sailor pant or cap sleeves and edging them out with strong geo fabric, leather blocking and brash accents gives this its modern twist.

When Aaron puts his tailoring skills to use on curve hugging dressing or perfectly fit pants, the pieces sing. His one stab at casual wear seemed a misstep. The styling isn’t for everyone, shoes provided by another Pdx-er, Ms. Wood, were a perfect compliment to the pieces, but the knee socks and gloves seemed a lot younger than the actual customer base. But it’s a fashion show, everything has the drama volume turned up a notch and no one will be forced to wear purple knee socks if they don’t want to. Hmmmm, I wonder if I’m too old to get away with that?

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