Runway Happiness

Boutiques Unleashed in Photos

A photo recap of the madcap evening.

By Eden Dawn April 12, 2011

Being backstage at the Boutiques Unleashed event was unlike any other fashion show I’ve ever been to. I was asked to walk on the runway for Say Say Boutique and paired with a little French bulldog named Louie. Right before we went on stage I looked around my little holding room area and saw about 8 dogs, a kitty in a dress, a fairly calm chicken and a sassy alpaca. I felt like I had slipped into an alternate universe.

The show went off without a hitch though, despite the 4 legged superstars tendency to not listen. And it raised $56,500 for the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support program. That’s nothing to sneeze (bark? meow?) at.


I’m in a Skunk Funk dress from SaySay, but Louie had the best outfit of the evening with a custom made Star Wars shirt.

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