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Red Bull Experimental Showcase

These designers took recycling to a new level.

By Eden Dawn May 23, 2011


While I tend to stick to plain old coffee, I notice everyone around me chugging energy drinks. That fad is going into overdrive this week with an entire fashion showcase devoted to clothing made from Red Bull cans. Yup, Red Bull cans. The Experimental Design class from The Art Institute’s fashion department paired up with some Red Bull execs to find new and inventive ways to recycle the fizzy upper’s cans and collateral. That translated into some fashion forward dresses, accessories and even shoes. Bonus point: Anything can probably double as a weapon if need be.

You can check out the display Wednesday, May 25th at Lizard Lounge. Pop in to see what you could do with that batch of goodies in your recycling bin.

Red Bull Experimental Showcase
Wed May 25th, 7:30-9:30pm
Lizard Lounge
1323 NW Irving, Pdx

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