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Boutique Spotlight: Tumbleweed

Chances are you’ve passed this boutique on Alberta in the last decade, but how much do you know about them?

By Eden Dawn June 29, 2011


Sometimes it’s not the shiny newness that brings attention, but the realization of years of hard work. Such is the case with Alberta mainstay boutique – Tumbleweed. The little fashionable hot spot recently celebrated its 11th anniversary and in honor of that huge achievement we present 5 little known facts about the reliable storefront.

1. Tumbleweed is owned by Kara Larson who has her own line of simple and practical dresses called Kara Line. (www.kara-line.com)

2. Location: 1812 NE Alberta. They were one of the first stores on Alberta before it was cool and easy to be there.

3. The boutique has faired well over the years, and Larson was able to open Grasshopper directly next door in 2004, which is Tumbleweed’s children’s store. Grasshopper carries Larson’s other line Wild Carrots for children.

4. Larson designs and constructs the dresses for Kara Line and Wild Carrots, and is also the manager, buyer, and merchandiser for the stores.

5. Tumbleweed has a very different way of selling her dresses to shoppers from out of town. Larson says: “We are not the point and click kind of site…so we ask that you fill out our info page and fax that to us so we can help make a selection of dresses for you to choose from…The dresses are not sized. Most fit between 4-10 and some styles work on size 12, depending on the style and fabric…”

“The dresses are produced in Portland and are made in very small quantities. This keeps the quality excellent and makes it more original. So we would like to ship you a few dresses to choose from, keep only what you like and send back any you don’t just love…within a timely manner of 3 days. We ask that you only pay for the insured shipping, both ways. Just think of how fun it is going to be to open a box of dresses to choose from…”

To check out more about Tumbleweed visit: www.tumbleweedboutique.com

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