Men’s Fashion Gets Frightening

We declare an emergency state of men’s fashion.

By Eden Dawn July 12, 2011


What in the hell is happening with men’s fashion? Yes, there are some designers out there doing marvelous and innovative things, but there is also just a lot of “huh” going around. After a tour of the Parisian collections last week the mood for men seems particularly confused. Bernhard Willhelm threw down a gauntlet of kooky concoctions, Givenchy took “putting a bird on it” to a completely new level, and one look from Henrik Vibskov appears they stole it from a homeless gentleman.

As if all this wasn’t enough to burn some holes into the brain, enter the trends Esquire just publicized for fall. The giant baggy pajama pants are juxtaposed against the odd pleated tapered pant. And it’s worth pointing out the pleated pant is not a friend to most men, and we’re looking at you Zoot suits.

Where are the Don Draper’s and the charming British influenced style? Men may have less freedom in the acceptability range of fashion, but can this really be the wave of the future? Baggy, mustard, triple-pleated, cousin of Hammer pants?

It appears dark days are coming.
Be prepared.

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