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Tote Your Dachshund Love

A shopping tote bag that benefits the puppies.

By Eden Dawn August 24, 2011

Designer Claire Wolfson, President Bean and a tote.

Claire Wolfson really loves her boss. Not the one at her day job of designing apparel for Columbia Sportswear, but the one at her company Bean. He’s about 2 feet long, furry, barks and is the cutest company president around. The foundation of this tiny new online start up is a simple one, but with purpose: They love dachshunds. And Wolfson says that idea, “is really important to us.”

Two years ago President Bean (a mini black and tan dachshund) suffered a serious but common back injury. Once Wolfson and her boyfriend found out this happens often, they decided to do what they could to help the other darling dachshunds in the world.

Bean just launched with their signature totes. The labels are hand stitched here and the totes are locally screened at a friend’s shop. 10% of each purchase goes directly to the Oregon Dachshund Rescue to help doxies in need. Next up Bean will diversify into sunglasses, bean bandanas, and 5 panel hats.

Cat people need not purchase.

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