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Vintage Egoiste Chanel Commercial

Visual proof that anything Chanel touches is amazing.

By Eden Dawn August 11, 2011

Normally a commercial represents the international sign to get a glass of wine, return a text or, at the very least, hit the bathroom. Except in France, where our European couch potato counterparts are getting 30-second clips of cool instead of auto insurance ads.

This ’90s ad for men’s fragrance Egoiste, from Chanel, roughly translates to:
“Selfish … Where are you? Show yourself miserable! Beware my wrath! I will be relentless. O rage! O despair! O my love betrayed? Have I lived so long for this infamy? Show yourself selfish! Selfish! Selfish! Selfish!!”

Kind of trumps a talking lizard, doesn’t it?

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