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Grayling’s Quartz Rings

Looking for a statement piece of jewelry? We found just the thing.

By Eden Dawn September 1, 2011

Accessories that sparkle when the light hits them can attract some girls in just like a fish to a lure. These quartz rings by local company Grayling are the accessory equivalent to a trout with a bait hook sticking through its cheek. The rings are carved from one big chunk of quartz making no two alike with variation of big to fine crystals in all shades of gray. When a bit of light hits the reflective crystals your jewelry will glimmer and shine while you stare unabashedly at your gussied up fingers. It’ll make you understand how fish keep falling for the bait…

Buy Grayling’s Quarts Rings, $75
The G r a y l i n g studio & showroom
107 SE Washington, No. 135
Portland Oregon 97214
(503)548-4979 (11-5 PST, Tues-Sat)
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