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Longshot Apparel

Big and tall may be the way of the past, but this new line wants to fill the gap for "thin and tall."

By Eden Dawn September 27, 2011


New company Longshot Apparel believes that somewhere along the way "big and tall" became code for "big and fat." That evolution left the tall and fit man (we’re talking 6’1" to 6’10" tall) without a whole lot of luck in the ready-to-wear shirt market. The sleeves were too short; the shoulders pinched in and naked wrists ran rampant.

That’s when a combo of Portland and Seattle friends got together to strategize a solution. The result is a line of specialty shirts made right here in the US for the tall drink of water in your life. With a new fall line just up on the web site and Portland full of slender tall men, we think this little company can feel free to put up their feet and stick around awhile.

For more info or to shop Longshot Apparel visit:

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