Project Runway Recap: E.7

Another team challenge slowly sabotaged one of our own.

By Eden Dawn September 10, 2011


Do the producers of Project Runway sit up at night attempting to devise challenges that will invoke the most unnecessary drama? Oh, that’s exactly what do? Somebody give those fools a raise then because they’re right on point…

In this weeks torturous task the designers are shoved into a two teams of five. Five headstrong creative people competing against each other yet momentarily forced to rely upon each other? That has to end well! One lucky team of Olivier, Viktor, Anya, Anthony Ryan and Bryce magically end up together while the doomed quintet of Josh M, Laura, Kimberly, Becky and Bert are unhappy from the start.

The challenge is to design three textiles, create a cohesive five ensemble collection and produce the show by filming and editing their own background video. And all that is due in two days. Whew….

The blessed team instantly finds their groove with an inkblot inspiration while the cursed team is actually naming off characters from The Village People. Huh? The former settled on the name Team Chaos while the other team ended up with pissy pants Josh settling on the name Nuts & Bolts. Sounds like a joyous time for all. During the print mock-ups Bert’s printer had a melt down, which led to Josh going on an insane rant that reminded me of an after school special I saw once called, “Benny and the Roids.”

The teams split off with Viktor and Bryce working on the video portion of their fashion segment. They had a clear plan and filmed a lot of different options allowing themselves to have ample stock to edit. On the team Nuts & Bolts, Laura and Josh filmed 900 hours of shoes getting out of cabs for the opening credits of Sex in the City. Oops, I mean their video.

Team Chaos – Anya

Once the designs actually started to come to life the divide became even wider. Team Chaos continued to come up with cool ideas for their video and hand painted textiles while Team Nuts & Bolts continued their spiral of despair. I knew the second they started showing Laura badmouthing Becky that our hometown girl might be in trouble. Every team looks for someone to throw under the bus and that person was going to be Bert or Becky. And Becky brought up a completely valid point to Laura that she should have come to her with design concerns instead of just talking smack about her to the other team.

Heading into the runway show, I would have bet every dime I had on what the judges would deem the winning team. Team Nuts & Bolts began their show with their cliché shoe video while a series of not good outfits came down the runway. Even Kimberly who I’m usually a fan of made an odd bubble wrap looking skirt that kept inching up. The team disliked their own prints so much that they barely used them.

On the opposite spectrum, Team Chaos created a cohesive, fashion forward collection with prints on a variety of scales and used them thoughtfully. The judges ood and awed of Olivier’s impressively tailored jacket, but I couldn’t get over how incredibly chic Viktor’s gown looked. It was a job well done all around and not surprisingly they were deemed the winners with Olivier singled out for the individual win.

Team Nuts & Bolts – Becky

While the losing team was in the back room waiting for the guillotine to drop Becky made one fatal (but understandable mistake). I think before that point Josh M had been leaning towards sinking his talons into Bert, but Becky pointed out that she believed he wanted her and Bert to go home. In that moment, he switched his bulls eye to Becky and sealed her fate.

And as the judges sent Becky home, I had to question was it for lack of talent or lack of drama? It’s no secret Becky wasn’t fitting in well there. She doesn’t make huge drama clothing, and maybe that isn’t a good fit here. But someone who makes well tailored, non-fussy clothing for all body types is a completely viable career and I expect we’ll hear more from Miss Becky Ross.

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