Bryce Black at NYFW

He may not have taken the prize, but Mr. Black still got to show his collection at New York Fashion Week.

By Eden Dawn October 3, 2011


Spoiler alert: Reality television is staged. Now, I know that must be a lot for you to take in, but the truth must be heard. In the case of Project Runway they make a big to do about only the final three making it to New York fashion week, but actually the top ten contestants show collections. Why? Because they are decoys so you don’t know who the finalists really are since NYFW takes place months before the show’s finale airs.

The good news for us is local love Bryce Black made the cut of designers who got to show at Lincoln Center and he did a bang up job. The collection was inspired by Black’s love of the film Edward Scissorhands and you can see that translated through the ambrosia salad color palette, straight jacket detailing and edgy vibe. Well done Mr. Black, well done….

(See more of B.B this week at Saturday’s Portland Fashion Week finale)

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