Project Runway Recap: The End

Anya won, but should she have?

By Eden Dawn November 2, 2011


All right if you don’t know by now, it’s time you did: Anya won. Now the questions is, should she have?

For the first time (since season 3) I couldn’t get behind any of the final collections. Anya’s beachy resort pieces flowed with pretty patterns, but about three in I felt like I was seeing a retrospective of her work, not anything new. Josh had one pretty purple dress to open the show then garish color after garish color disappointed. Kimberly’s urban girl also had one shining moment in a white on white pant /blouse combo. If only you had pursued that route Kim. Finally, poor Viktor essentially blew what could have been a sure win. The beautiful textiles he created were genuinely original and had a sense of sophistication. I loved them. Then came the parading of the sheer black Robert Palmer Girls outfits, effectively ruining his chances of winning.


So Anya won. And while I do agree when the judges said they thought she could create a branding empire (she can), I can’t help but get into a mini funk. Something about a girl who can’t sew a sleeve winning the $100,000 Project Runway title, plus the $20,000 bird challenge, plus the $10,000 fan favorite for an effective sweep rubs me the wrong way. And yes, part of it is because it already looked liked she lived in a palatial estate in paradise and was Miss Trinidad. Hello universe?! Let’s give somebody else a turn.

Or maybe reality television turns us all into cynics. Either way, I’m more excited to watch Thursday’s Behind the Seams special where, for the first time ever, they’ll show all the decoy collections from fashion week. I have an inkling we might like some of those better than what actually ended up in the top.

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