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Gift Guide: Prezzies Under $100

Gifties in the double digit range.

By Eden Dawn December 1, 2011

Wearshare Friendship Bracelets
Available at

All right, so maybe you don’t have the type of person on your list that wants a dress or cufflinks. Does that person still even deserve a gift? Oh, they do? Well how about this round up of our twelve favorite gifts under $100. Everything from an amethyst bottle topper for a hostess to a rad iPhone charger/stand that turns your gadget into a working clock. We’ve got something for everyone, take a spin.

Our twelve ideas include:
1. Wearshare Friendship Bracelets
2. PocketToolX MAKO Titanium Bike Tool
3. Tanner Goods Camera Strap
4. ShapesColors Native Quilt Pillows
5. Brittany Powell Set of 4 Trees Cocktail Napkins
6. Bons Enfants Eco-Friendly Crochet Reindeer Hat
7. The Cdock
8. AKAI Professional LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard
9. Oscar the Dog
10. Big Sur Sage & Siskiyou Cedar Sachets
11. Rablabs Lia Bottle Stopper Amethyst
12. Trilobite Sake Set by Meghan Chalmers-McDonald

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Guide Assembled by Maya Attar

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