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AMNW Design Challenge

Watch AMNW every Friday to see Portland’s own reality competition.

By Eden Dawn January 30, 2012

If you’re reading a fashion blog, odds are you are familiar with a little show called Project Runway. But, are you familiar with Portland’s own reality design competition happening on AMNW for the next month? If not (and you’re not already intrigued), what if I said I was one of the judges working my best Michael Kors impression (read: spray tanned and wacky).

Well it’s all true. Last Friday the AMNW Design Challenge kicked off with four young designers that are all students or recent grads from The Art Institute of Portland’s fashion design department vying for a top prize worth nearly $5,000. But to score that deal they’ll have to go through weekly challenges and impress judges like me, Fashion Director of Q6 Model & Artist Management, Jonny Schultz, and American Sewing Guild 2008 Hall of Fame Honoree, Pati Palmer.

In last week’s challenge, the designers had to mix three prints from Westminster to come up with an eye-catching (and hopefully) pleasing display. What did I have to say about it? Watch the video below and see it live every Friday at 9am on Channel 2. I’ll feel you waving at me through the television.

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