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Fade to Light Fashion Show – Review

A rundown of last week’s Crystal Ballroom fashion show.

By Eden Dawn March 5, 2012

Ms. Wood

Las week’s Fade to Light fashion show was a fun time out in the fashion world. The first time event at the Crystal Ballroom was well attended by familiar faces and the energy felt high. Producer Elizabeth Mollo did a great job of organizing the whole event with assigned seating, starting a mere 20 minutes late (a world record in fashion show land) and a full bar. My one and only complaint was the spotlight existed as the main source of runway lighting and from my seat that meant me staring straight into it burning my retinas like I was looking straight into the sun. Ah well, at least that’s an easy fix for next year.

The show itself was a perfect length with enough designers to feel ticket worthy, but not so many you felt trapped. Add to that the cool video installations each designer created to accompany their segment and you had some pretty kickin’ entertainment. Some of my personal favs included seeing Bryce Black do his first post-Project Runway collection – a line of knit dresses for Studio SKB that were both sexy and wearable. Come fall I will be wearing one. Additionally Ms. Wood continues her reign of cool in my eyes with dangerously lustful accessories and a finale sequin dress so shiny I dreamed of it that night. And once again, Joshua Buck makes clothing so amazingly fresh that I can’t see it on many boys in Portland, but get it over to Spain and flourish good sir!

To see the whole fun affair flip through the slide show and check out the designer’s sites.
Sharon Blair
Bryce Black for Studio SKB
Ms. Wood
Alyson Clair
Joshua Buck/Chicago Harper for Studio SKB
Solestruck (with clothing by Black Milk)

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