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Trend Watch: Men in Blue

The Blues Brothers are back in town, and they’re on a mission from Cobalt.

By Eden Dawn March 13, 2012


Hey there boys in blue (no, we don’t mean cops). This season color abounds in menswear too, with blue standing out in collections from the likes of Acne and Kenzo. Color master Pantone says, “"spring and summer naturally evoke feelings of calm ocean waters and tranquil beach vacations. Vivid ‘Hawaiian Ocean’ adds sparkle to any attire. Pair it with ‘Dazzling Blue’ to lift basic blues to new heights."

We say all tones, tints, and shades are welcome, but since it’s spring stick to a brighter blue like cobalt, robin’s egg, and aqua teal. And if you really want to sound like you know your stuff, learn as many names for blue as possible like lapis, navy, indigo, azure, cerulean and cornflower. Or Justin Bieber’s favorite: Baby.

Slide Order:
1. Moule Ben Sherman Jacket
2. Macy’s Kenneth Cole Chambray Shirt
3. J. Crew Arrow Tie
4. ASOS Chambray Blazer
5. Fossil Watch
6. Bridge & Burn Sweatshirt
7. Nordstrom Rockport Wingtip Oxford
8. Gap Slim-Fit Khakis
9. Frances May Men’s Shirt
10. American Apparel Reversible Belt

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