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Selling Clothing Hurts

If you’ve ever sold your clothing, this video feels your pain.

By Eden Dawn March 29, 2012

All right, Portlandia may be on hiatus for the rest of the year but some of us (read: me) are just getting caught up on all the episodes. This little ode to selling your clothing at an exchange sums up all the reasons why I quit selling my goodies to stores a long time ago. After the judgmental looks from a counter clerk (Hello, I know it’s out of style! That’s why I’m getting rid of it), followed by the instant pang of regret when they actually do take something (Oh man, maybe I should have kept that!), is the long walk of shame outside with the items you still have in tow deemed “unworthy.”

Sigh. This is why my ego prefers Naked Lady parties.

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