Questionable Taste

Kanye West for Fall?

We’re eyeing the Kanye West collection, and not in a good way.

By Eden Dawn April 3, 2012


You ever look at celebrities and think they seem to be good at everything? Well, maybe we should shift the paradigm a little bit and encourage celebrities to not try to do everything. At least, that seems to be the takeaway from this rapper-turned-designer collection for fall 2012.

The overwhelmingly dominatrix collection that seems to be 90% leather, 5% fur and 5% other is far from feeling wearable (and might be responsible for half the cow deaths in the US). And before you accuse me of being overly crabby, yes there are some genuinely interesting pieces hiding within the line, but overall it seems like Kanye should stick to making chart-topping albums and leave the designing to someone else.

In fairness, it goes both ways. I’m not sure a rap album from Calvin Klein sounds like a good thing….

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