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Looks from Lizard Lounge

New shots showing off the Lizard Lounge inventory.

By Eden Dawn April 5, 2012


These shots featuring spring pieces from Lizard Lounge look like a heck of a good time. Between the pretty people giggling, snuggling, and playing music it makes us desperately want to get dressed up and be invited to the party. Turns out you can fulfill part of that wish by snatching up the clothes from the Pearl District location.

Check out the clothes in the slide show and at Lizard Lounge (1323 Northwest Irving Street).

Shoot Credits
Photographer: Boone Rodriguez
Produced by Kc Guyer & Sean McGuirk
MUA: Jessica Belknap
Hair: Madeline Roosevelt
Stylist: Audrey Brown
Assistants: Jenna Gersbach & Tim Denison
Talent: Megan Keller, Ivan Heimbuch, Adam Edwards, Kate Troedsson, Felisa Grubb, Kc Guyer
Shot on location at Union Pine & Dig A Pony

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