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Bonnet’s Hats

Take a tour of the hat possibilities for summer.

By Eden Dawn May 24, 2012


Take note youth hunters: There is only one surefire prevention for wrinkles, and that’s sun protection. As we ease closer to a steady stream of sunny days, or at the very least, a sunny vacation, let us turn our style eye to hats. In particular, to Bonnet Boutique’s hat selection. This little gem in the Pearl District has enough of a selection in its small space to protect the scalps of most of Portland. 

Now the question is: What kind of hat suits you best? A floppy felt, a wide brim straw or maybe a classic little bucket? The only way to find out is to pop by with a clean head and give ‘em a whirl. You’re non-existent wrinkles will thank you.

View the slide show for all our favorites.

412 Northwest Eleventh Ave, 
Portland, Oregon 97209

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