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30-Day Fitness Trial – Day 15

I’m halfway through the Studio X Fitness Trial, and it’s working.

By Eden Dawn August 2, 2012

A large portion of workouts involve jumping on or off things. (Side note: I hate jumping).

Ok cheerleaders, I’m 15 days into my 30-Day X-Press Boot Camp and we need to talk some facts. One of the things I really like about the program is at the beginning middle and end, you meet with Studio X owner Tim Irwin for your measurement analysis. In a slightly awkward scene (although he makes it as comfortable as possible) you get measured and marked up with a pen at various spots (bicep, thigh, abs, etc.), until you leave looking like you just came from a plastic surgery consultation (that is, if all the reality TV I’ve seen about plastic surgery is accurate.) Why do you go through that? So he can ensure he’s measuring the exact same spot from time to time for more accurate results.

And my results are good.

In 15 days of thrice weekly monster sweat sessions, a big lap swim thrown in for fun and a normal active life here’s where we are at. I’ve lost a total of 2.3% body fat, 6 lbs, and 14 inches. Yup, that’s over a foot. Even better than 14 inches, three of those were from my waist and two were from my hips. That info alone is enough to keep making me do those expletive deleted squats.

So now let’s talk about the other honesty end of it. First, I got in trouble with the big guy for my nutrition for the first time (which you track online and they have access to). Not for my eating, I’m a healthy eater and avoid processed junk like the plague. My expletive deleted birthday was last week and I chose to Leo it up with multiple parties leaving a trail of bourbon, rose´, and champagne behind. I received a mini-lecture about the value (or lack thereof) of empty calories in alcohol and it’s good because I would probably extend my birthday party out for a month or so if not reigned in.

As far as the actual workouts go, I’m still exhausted a large portion of the time. If I hit a morning class I want to go to bed by 7pm, so I opt for the evening ones, but overall I’m still more tired than usual. However, the endorphin rush at the end of class gets a little better each time and I can see it inching towards an addictive phase. I still can’t imagine a time though where I’ll actually enjoy expletive deleted squats of any kind.

Heading into the third week and we’ll see if I can keep shedding that under arm turkey waddle. Stay tuned.

To learn more about the Studio X Fitness 30-Day program visit
Studio X Fitness
2839 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 236-7114


A large portion of workouts involve jumping on or off things. (Side note: I hate jumping).

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