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Givenchy's New Portland Model

How Givenchy's new model went from studying philosophy at Lewis & Clark to top Parisian runways.

By Eden Dawn August 28, 2012


Model Isaac Ekblad

While we already firmly believe our city has a disproportionate amount of attractive people, New York Magazine just gave us proof by conducting an interview with Givenchy’s latest top model, Isaac Ekblad. Up until May, when Ekblad headed for greener fashion pastures, he was a Philosophy major at Lewis & Clark distracting his fellow classmates with his uber handsomeness. In just a few fast months, he went from sitting in a rainy Portland classroom to Paris where he got a makeover cementing his integration into the male model world.

He gives his insight about the transition and his thoughts on modeling in the full article here. (Our favorite quote references Zoolander! "There’s an assumption, a big assumption, that models are Zoolander. But no, guys like [my friend] Hampus Lück, they read a lot. The ones who do well are the ones you see sitting in the corner, reading, focused. We always have big discussions about things.")




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