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Stone and Honey's Arcos Collection

A preview of local accessory line Stone and Honey's fall Arcos collection.

By Eden Dawn September 26, 2012


 Pay attention jewelry lovers. If you’re not yet acquainted with local accessory line Stone & Honey, it’s time for an introduction.

Teresa Robinson crafts each piece of Stone & Honey jewelry by hand in her Portland studio using nature as a constant source of inspiration and her creations consist of rough gems and minerals in combination with brass, sterling silver and gold. Her new fall collection, Arcos, features concentric brass arcs, woven waxed linen and vintage chain representing Robinson's,  “fascination with the interplay of structure and fluidity.”

We say it just looks pretty dang cool.

To view the entire collection visit Stone and Honey’s web site or one of their Portland stockists.


 Abrahams & Duffy - 2215 NE Alberta St., Portland • Tel. 503.505.7074

Beam & Anchor - 2710 N Interstate Ave., Portland • Tel. 503.367.3230

Flora - 917 SW Washington St., Portland • Tel. 503.227.0586

Frances May - 1013 SW Washington St., Portland • Tel. 503.227.3402

Manifesto - 3806 N. Mississippi, Portland • Tel.503.546.0910

Noun - 3300 Southeast Belmont St., Portland • Tel. 503.235.0078

Oko - 2774 NW Thurman St., Portland • Tel. 503.867.0968

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