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Boutiika's Virtual Window Shopping

A new fashion interface allows you to scope out current inventory of local boutiques from the comfort of home and put your fav item on hold with a touch of a button.

By Eden Dawn October 23, 2012

In a digital age of “gotta have it now” shopping, sometimes even 2-Day air isn’t fast enough. The alternative of actually hitting the pavement and going shop to shop seems so 1992. The creators of felt the same saying their research found 93% of retail commerce still occurs in person, at brick-and-mortar establishments, with 70% of purchases being influenced by online research first. With that knowledge, they devised a web site to fulfill both the Internet savvy and the peeps that need a new outfit for that very night.

The premise is simple. The site doesn’t allow you to purchase items, but rather is window-shopping from your computer. Participating boutiques have up to date inventory online for you to peruse and if when you find the perfect item you can click on the dialogue box to ask the shopkeeper to hold one in your size, see if they have it in a different color, etc. If they don’t have what you need you can save yourself a trip, and if they do, you’ve just cut your shopping time down by a tenth heading straight for the dressing room.

There’s no cost for the user, just register to flip through the expanding list of Portland boutiques (and check back for updated products). Your window shopping just hit the 21st century.

Shop currently found on the Boutiika roster.


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